anyone for supper!!!

no pics this time - but - here we are in belfast and been to the market this morning! bought some fab fish - asked about buying dover sole - most people would think it would be so expensive but we are so lucky - buying fish from the fishermen in the middle of the city!! so ended up with 3 dover sole for the price of 2 as they say - in the end we could only eat 2 and have to eat the third one cold. total cost £3!! we did what we have done before - tried to make the pescardo we had in northern spain - unsuccessfully mostly! but sometimes delish! combined with salad leaves from the garden - altogether a good meal - of course, with a bottle and a bit of wine from our other home in bordeaux! BUT we also have a HUGE ling - strange eel like fish - filleted and in the freezer for fish and chips. as always when you go to st. george's market in belfast there is a story... the nice man i buy from = one of three who now turn out to be brothers!!! oh - he said - ling is my favourite fish - pause....! i think it is because of my grandmother - she used to salt it - hmm dont know how she did that - and we ate it with potatoes and it was just the best thing - just lovely! then also there is my brother!! you know the guy you usually buy from - you know down the other end of the market - the one with the glasses! (yes i know). you will never find ling on his stall (correct i never have) he takes the ling - fillets it - cuts the fillets into 4 and then he has a smoke house and he smokes it and sells it smoked.....no idea how much for but...hmm.. thats added value!!!! oh i thought - i wonder where you can get that! then i bought local strawberries and i am going to make the strawberry sorbet i just came across on the hugh fearnley whittenstall - dont know if that the right spelling - in case chums come to eat with us before we head off to france again! THEN - there is the story of the mockcrocs.......! but thats for the telling!


Chloe said...

Slightly better value than our local fish shop in London then!

Ali said...

I'm so jealous. Our town doesn't have a single solitary fishmonger left. Tragic.