sweets (and socks) for my sweet

Obsessed with baby knits as I may be just now, I did find room on my needles for some Valentine socks for the Working Man. The softest pure wool, made even softer with a good bath, in a lovely ruby red. A simple top down pattern again in moss stitch rib which looks lovely and is incredibly satisfying to knit for some reason. And to feed his addiction, a big jar of home made fudge... a tried and tested (and much loved) recipe packed with so much organic sugar, butter and cream it must be good for you! For me, two lovely red Pantone mugs, perhaps not so homemade, but already filled several times already with lovingly made hot tea... surprisingly good with fudge... C



London spent the early part of this week hidden under a thick blanket of snow. Practically unheard of in this city, and everything ground to a halt except for children released from school for some serious snowballing and snowman-building. Just lovely to look out onto - a clean and very hushed cityscape, but eight months pregnant and with the Working Man in Wales for a conference, I spent two days housebound by unfriendly icy pavements. A good time then to make some serious headway on the blanket I've been knitting these past weeks. For the Newborn of course, and from a sale score of some lovely taupe coloured cashmerino. I chose to keep things simple, elegant and reversible with moss stitch. It should be a great size for the car seat or pram when I finish the final ball I have of this yarn... an end finally in sight! Super soft and very, very cosy as I can confirm now that it's plenty big enough to cover my ever growing bump... C


little steps

I've got a new addiction - baby socks! So cute and finally a use for all those scraps of yarn you can't quite bring yourself to throw away... kidding yourself you're keeping them for darning (mmm... darn old socks or seize perfect excuse to go shopping for new yarn?). They use hardly any yarn and will hopefully keep Newborn's tiny feet warm in March. Knitted on the hop without a pattern but scaling down a favourite top down sock pattern and satisfyingly quick - I have another pair on the go already... And another small step, I have finally got around to adding a few items to the wethreecreate etsy store! I've even added a gallery over to the right. Not much on there yet, and I promise more to come as I get organised, by it's a little step in the right direction... C