We've had bitter weather here in the south of England over the last few days. That and nursing the Working Man's recent illness have kept me even more at home than usual, and I've been putting my time to good use. I've been trying to make more than we need of a couple of meals a week for freezing and making life a little easier when the new baby arrives. This weekend, lasagne, and I took extraordinary delight in a little production line of individual ones. Of course, two were consumed 40 minutes later, and they were delicious, so I'm not sure they'll all last until until March... C


pretty in pink

Some softer than soft angora, pinker than sky blue pink socks for mum coming to visit for the day next week. Lovely yarn, though it breaks easily and needed some patience and adjusted tension, and they might not last for long, even as comfort socks, but they'll be lovely while they do. A really basic top down sock pattern, inherited from my grandmother. I've fooled around with toe up, but top down remains my first love - even the picking up stitches and kitchener... Knitted in simple stocking stitch (ideal TV knitting) starting with a provisional cast on so I could finish them off from the top up to make the best of every scrap of yarn and finish off with a comfy picot edge. Looking forward to seeing you mum. In the meantime back to the baby knitting... C


little stars!

Well its been a while but here in Ireland we have been busy - making stuff but not blogging.
There has been a positive rash of babies, so lots of little shoes to make and as we are feeling the pinch, like everyone else, time has gone on making bread, soup and pies! along with warm woolly jumpers for joe - and this year dad making the christmas presents!
Anyway, this is work in progress - the little kimono top from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies - with 3 little star mother-of-pearl buttons (for luck) to be stitched on when the cherished littlest one arrives.
Dad has been busy experimenting with some wood turning. So far earrings and now baby rattles - as you can see! After years of designing and making furniture for Heals in London, this is quite a departure and has already involved some finger injuries. Tiny things for a change! ...A


teeny tiny tears

When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with the idea of owning a Teeny Tiny Tears doll - a baby doll who shed real tears and even wet her nappy! Stereotyping aside, I loved her and desperately wanted one. Family legend goes that in the absence of the ready cash to make my dreams of early motherhood come true, my parents drilled some small holes in a less damply inclined doll! I not sure if any of us remember whether it's truth or myth, but it's a great story (and I for one think that's what counts!). Either way, it's been on my mind alot recently... is that a worry given my impending motherhood? Finding this softer than soft alpaca silk in our local wool shop, I decided to knit a teeny tiny something for my very own Teeny Tiny Tears. I know this won't last much longer than his trip home from the hospital but I really wanted a cosy fitted something for him rather than something to grow into. It's so soft, knit in the round so there are no nasty seams - or nasty sewing up! - with a cuddly moss stitch collar to guard against the March winds. And with the scraps left, a pair of teeny tiny socks, based on this pattern, but knit with little moss stitch panels instead of garter. And I'd have to confess to a few teeny tiny tears of my own when I first buttoned it up on the hanger... C


new year... new starts

Lots of new things on the needles - and some back off them again already - to herald the start of another new year. Mind you, the finished ones are almost cheating they're so small... I have some washing and blocking to do tomorrow before I can show off the latest, but in the meantime, and in the spirit of completeness, the Christmas knitting. With knitting for our new person, not nearly as much as I would normally do, but I did manage to make socks for my dad and for the Working Man - the former stashed away much too quickly for me to get photographic evidence, chocolate brown wool in a moss stitch rib which I'd knit again. And a Shibori felted scarf for mum - knitted in ever so slightly sparkly Kidsilk Night and felted and shaped over pebbles from our garden. A magical and pleasing process and one I'll certainly be playing with again.... C