new year... new starts

Lots of new things on the needles - and some back off them again already - to herald the start of another new year. Mind you, the finished ones are almost cheating they're so small... I have some washing and blocking to do tomorrow before I can show off the latest, but in the meantime, and in the spirit of completeness, the Christmas knitting. With knitting for our new person, not nearly as much as I would normally do, but I did manage to make socks for my dad and for the Working Man - the former stashed away much too quickly for me to get photographic evidence, chocolate brown wool in a moss stitch rib which I'd knit again. And a Shibori felted scarf for mum - knitted in ever so slightly sparkly Kidsilk Night and felted and shaped over pebbles from our garden. A magical and pleasing process and one I'll certainly be playing with again.... C


Poshyarns said...

Oh I love the shibori scarf, beautiful. Did you felt it by hand or machine?

mum said...

take it from me it is beautiful - mum