little stars!

Well its been a while but here in Ireland we have been busy - making stuff but not blogging.
There has been a positive rash of babies, so lots of little shoes to make and as we are feeling the pinch, like everyone else, time has gone on making bread, soup and pies! along with warm woolly jumpers for joe - and this year dad making the christmas presents!
Anyway, this is work in progress - the little kimono top from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies - with 3 little star mother-of-pearl buttons (for luck) to be stitched on when the cherished littlest one arrives.
Dad has been busy experimenting with some wood turning. So far earrings and now baby rattles - as you can see! After years of designing and making furniture for Heals in London, this is quite a departure and has already involved some finger injuries. Tiny things for a change! ...A


Chloe said...

Looks cute and love the rattles! Perfect for teething too I should think. Hope one of those is earmarked for our little 'un...

Poshyarns said...

Such a gorgeous little knit and the buttons are perfect. The rattles are little works of art.