sweets (and socks) for my sweet

Obsessed with baby knits as I may be just now, I did find room on my needles for some Valentine socks for the Working Man. The softest pure wool, made even softer with a good bath, in a lovely ruby red. A simple top down pattern again in moss stitch rib which looks lovely and is incredibly satisfying to knit for some reason. And to feed his addiction, a big jar of home made fudge... a tried and tested (and much loved) recipe packed with so much organic sugar, butter and cream it must be good for you! For me, two lovely red Pantone mugs, perhaps not so homemade, but already filled several times already with lovingly made hot tea... surprisingly good with fudge... C


mum said...

you sound so happy and i am so happy for you - love mum - and flipping heck!! do all sons-in-laws love fudge!!??

Poshyarns said...

Lovely valentine socks and I wouldn't mind knowing the secret of your fudge recipe?