London spent the early part of this week hidden under a thick blanket of snow. Practically unheard of in this city, and everything ground to a halt except for children released from school for some serious snowballing and snowman-building. Just lovely to look out onto - a clean and very hushed cityscape, but eight months pregnant and with the Working Man in Wales for a conference, I spent two days housebound by unfriendly icy pavements. A good time then to make some serious headway on the blanket I've been knitting these past weeks. For the Newborn of course, and from a sale score of some lovely taupe coloured cashmerino. I chose to keep things simple, elegant and reversible with moss stitch. It should be a great size for the car seat or pram when I finish the final ball I have of this yarn... an end finally in sight! Super soft and very, very cosy as I can confirm now that it's plenty big enough to cover my ever growing bump... C


mum said...

oh cosy cosy!! we have the blanket here in the north of ireland now - the snow one, not the woolly one unfortunately!!

Jenny said...

I share you enthusiasm for cashmerino and reversibe baby blankets. You'll feel the chill once its finished, unless you use it as a bump blanket until the baby arrives. Keep cosy.