all that glitters

I have made a few of these over the last couple of years - only for people who deserve all those stitches of course! Knit in gorgeous Kidsilk Haze on large bamboo needles, these make great TV knitting, though they aren't the most challenging of projects. Once blocked they take on an ethereal quality, and drift beautifully, but with surprising warmth. The first is for a very good friend, and to suit her, is knit in single rib in a gold Kidsilk Haze Night shot with a glitteriness. The second is in a beautiful blue grey garter stitch and just perfect for another favourite person. Though I truly admire all the lovely elaborate lace wraps and shawls out there knit in this yarn, the simplicity of these is much more me, creating a scarf I love while leaving me to simultaneously enjoy Gray's Anatomy! ...C


Ali said...

I've been trying a lace pattern in Kidsilk Haze and I've made so many mistakes that I am starting to think it's not worth continuing. Perhaps a nice garter stitch would be more do-able!

Anonymous said...

They are very lovely, I've been lucky enough to have been given one. In fact, they're so lovely, I've copied them for a couple of folk! V