gone creating

Sis and I have been so busy creating that we've been shamefully remiss where our blog is concerned. And the irony given our name is not lost on us. We're working on a joint project (more on that another time), and at the extremities of the UK, so our only way of sharing what we're up to is to mail images backwards and forwards. Shameful not to add some of my share here then... all works in experimentation with patterns rewritten daily and much switching, and swatching, of yarns... Baby bootees in the softest of bamboo yarns, my own pattern but only made possible with the wisdom of countless women, knit in the round to eliminate the seams, and I'm still trying to work out how to use a figure of eight cast on to get rid of the last seam on the sole. Silver plated wire knit with beads into a bracelet - so tough in execution on the hands, and indeed my bamboo needles, but so very delicate in completion. And little knitted felted bowls for storing trinkets, though these haven't felted terribly well, leaving some unwanted stitch definition, so I'm on the hunt for a new yarn to try. And oh how I wish for my grandmother's ancient top loading twin tub washing machine! C


Ali said...

I've had really nice results with wash + filz it yarn. It's produced with felting in mind and works well even with a front loader.

Here's a link:

Vicky said...

your stuff looks great. Looks well felted to me.