thinking aloud

Well, here I am again, the other two are still in France so they'll have to catch up when they get back.
I thought I'd just put a couple of images of my most recent pieces onto the blog to give myself something to think about. I definitely want to get back into a new studio-based project over the winter months and am thinking of starting some sort of material-based drawing project. It needs to be something fairly simple so that I can do it whenever I can snatch some time - I enjoyed the 'Index Card Summer' project that 'domesticali' has on her blog and think something based around a diary might be a good idea, even just until I can define the area that I really want to explore. I still like the last pieces I made for the 'Found Word' exhibition made from long wrapped slices of text from discarded solicitors' papers and like the idea of continuing to work on long slivers of material. When I was in India, I went to a temple where I was given a private showing of their collection of chronicles written on long thin cut palm leaves tied together in bundles and the images have always stayed with me so maybe a collection of daily thoughts would be a start. Anyway, watch this space... V


Ali said...

Thanks! I really enjoyed that project for its 'quick and dirty' nature. Not too much thinking or planning or fretting about perfect execution of an idea.

I love slivers of text - they appeal to my curious streak.

assemblage said...

i love these.

mum said...

what great comments!! well done!